Vaccinations for Iman – Rotavirus and Pneumococcal, perlu atau tidak?

Salam…On 10th August 2010, Tuesday, Iman had her 3rd Rotavirus and 1st Pneumococcal vaccine. Some info on these viruses;

Rotavirus is a virus that infects the bowels. It is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and children throughout the world and causes the death of about 600,000 children worldwide annually. The name rotavirus comes from the characteristic wheel-like appearance of the virus when viewed by electron microscopy (the name rotavirus is derived from the Latin rota, meaning “wheel”).

Pneumococcal disease is a severe bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, also called pneumococcus. It may cause pneumonia, meningitis or a blood stream infection (bacteremia).Although anyone can get pneumococcal disease, it occurs more frequently in infants, young children, African Americans, some Native American populations, the elderly or in people with serious underlying medical conditions such as chronic lung, heart or kidney disease. Others at risk include alcoholics, diabetics, people with weakened immune systems and those without a spleen.

Ok, enough. No need to explain in full details. You can google in the info from the internet (I also does not have the authority to write any medical fact since I am not a doctor ..ngeee)

Anyhow, I plan to take all the recommended vaccinations for Iman (yang memang diwajibkan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia memang la ambil). The reason is because, the moment Iman was born, Iman did not cry, and her reactivity to the baby-test-after-delivery (which I do not know what is the term) was not very good. She was found to be effected by the lung infection, which made her difficult to breath by her own and thus need to be admitted and quarantined in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, DEMC) for 6 days (all cost us around RM6K, thanks to the company’s insurance to cover all the medical expenses). Alhamdulillah.

Iman, 1 day old – struggling to breath

For all these days, I expressed my breastmilk to give to her since DEMC did not support rooming-in with the baby. (sigh…The Government Hospoitals are more encouraging breastfeeding – I did not know it before). And, with lake experience of pumping, I only managed to pump around 7 – 8oz per day ( and I have breast engorgement too) and Ayah brought them to the hospital every morning for Iman, but Iman ate a lot that she needs more milk. So, the hospital gave her FM to feed her up (oh..this was the thing that I regret the most).

Ok, back to the story why I want Iman to have all the vaccination. On her 6th day at the hospital, Iman’s condition improved, and the hospital declared that she can be home by anytime. We are all very excited and waited for her at Meru.

Iman, 1st day at home, so tiny…so cute..
Iman in her baby cot – 6 days old

But, on her 3rd day at home..I found something weird on her. She had red spots all over her body. I though those were only heat rashes. However, the spots getting more reddish and severe and you can see septic lumps spread out all over her body. We rushed back to DEMC to diagnose what actually happened to Iman.

Iman had BLOOD INFECTION!! I was so shocked and could not help myself to cry..cry and cry. Because of the private hospital is too expensive, we decided to take Iman to Hospital Sungai Buloh and both of us was admitted for another 1 week – rooming in with the baby so that I can fully breastfeed her.

Lung infection, blood infection that Iman had when she was born, what else can be very good reasons why Iman need to have all those additional vaccination? The cost? Rotavirus cost us around ~RM150 per shot and Pneumococcal around RM200 per shot. So, Iman had all her 3 Rotavirus shots and her 1st Pneumococcal shot. There are still 2 or 3 more shots for her Pneumococcal shot.

Expensive? Yes, indeed…but those money is nothing compared to the life of your baby!

Iman 4 Months ++ Old – before her injections (but muka blur bila mama ambil gamba, macam da tau tengok kamera jek)

Semasa menerima “hadiah” dari “Datuk”
(Rasa kelakar pulak Dr membahasakan dirinya Datuk)

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