EBM Iman

Today, is the day to sort all Iman’s EBM. We need to have this routine every month from now on since the EBM stock dominating my MIL’s freezer (huhu..maafkan kami..kami hidup menumpang lagi). Around 40 bottles and liners from my FIL and MIL’s house in Shah Alam need to be transferred to Meru.
Borrow my FIL’s fishing box to put all the EBM. Put the ice cubes on the bottom and upper part of the EBM.

Start to calculate…

Alhamdulillah, we have 2 fridges in my Mom’s house at Meru. So, July’s and August’s EBM stock can be stored here.

June’s EBM stock were stored in the new fridge. This stock will be expired on October 2010.

So, total of the EBM now is 614oz. Alhamdulillah

Ya Allah, semoga susuku semakin meriah buat anakku Iman, dan anak-anak seterusnya..
Semoga dapat aku penuhi syariatMu…

Pemilik susu-susu ini,

Husnul Iman Binti Mohd Hafeez Muttaqiin

Mama : Ayah, nak beli kurma la…nak makan kurma banyak-banyak..nak tambah susu untuk Iman…
Ayah : Laa…bukan susu wawa da banyak ke?? Nak banyak macam mana lagi?

Mama : Alah… (muncung)

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