4 months ++

EBM Iman

Today, is the day to sort all Iman’s EBM. We need to have this routine every month from now on since the EBM stock dominating my MIL’s freezer (huhu..maafkan kami..kami hidup menumpang lagi). Around 40 bottles and liners from my FIL and MIL’s house in Shah Alam need to be transferred to Meru. Borrow my …

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All in Sarawak – Part 2

Iman yang excited terbang, terhayun2 kaki dan tangan beliau.. Ok, continue with the Sarawak Trip. We went to the Sarawak Cultural Village (Taman Budaya). For adult, per entrance they charged us RM60 per entrance and RM15 for student !! (see how they make money?)..ok la..to reserve the heritage..huhuhu… Anyhow, what we did was, we use …

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All in Sarawak – Part 1

We are all in Kuching Sarawak right now prior to the WEC 2010 (the World Engineering Congress 2010). Lepak2 kat McD airport Kuching sebelum dibenarkan check-in.. While I’m in duty presenting my paper (well..ehm..for the sake of KPI actually..keh keh..1st paper beb..takut!), I officially appointed Ayah (of course la..sape suh nk beriya2 ikut) to take …

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Iman at Kuching Sarawak

Youp, this girl with her mommy will spend the whole week in Kuching, sponsored by the company..miahahaha. Flight was scheduled at 710am, which is too early because Mr. Hubby mistakenly select the wrong departure time when booking the flight ticket (sigh). Poor Iman. She is forced to wake and dressed up as early as 4 …

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Bip and Lamaze Doll for Iman

Happy Friday mommies!! Youp…Fridays are shopping days for mommies like us!! Either Alamanda or Jusco Equine, we just need to go somewhere (other place; Taman Warisan – eat..eat and eat). Well it is a woman thing (haha). I called Mr. Hubby, and he try to remind me to spend money wisely.. ya ya ..i will …

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My Iman is 4 months old!

In 2 more days, she will officially turn 4 months! Yeay! And I just bought her a new P.O.N.E.Y sweater! Now she is look more girlish with the hood. Hehe.. People just always mistakenly look her as a boy, because sometimes she is more boyish, which I could not understand why. Huhu..