Bip and Lamaze Doll for Iman

Happy Friday mommies!!

Youp…Fridays are shopping days for mommies like us!! Either Alamanda or Jusco Equine, we just need to go somewhere (other place; Taman Warisan – and eat). Well it is a woman thing (haha). I called Mr. Hubby, and he try to remind me to spend money wisely.. ya ya ..i will (someday i will *sigh*)… Habesla mama, ayah mesti perli abes balik ni..

Tada!! for you Iman!!

Little Dolly from Lamaze! I fall in love at the 1st sight! Price :RM39.90 (wooo..)

And a set of baby bip from Mother Care, Price :RM32.90 ..(aiseh)

Iman, I used to be a very wise person in spending my salary, but since I have you my dear, I could not control myself to buy you something every time I hang out with my friends. Oh no… I will spoil my own daughter..

Urgh…x tahan nk balik jumpe Iman..

Iman with her new Lamaze Doll =)
The 1st doll @ 1st toy I bought for her.

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