All in Sarawak – Part 2

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 18 Iman yang excited terbang, terhayun2 kaki dan tangan beliau..

Ok, continue with the Sarawak Trip. We went to the Sarawak Cultural Village (Taman Budaya). For adult, per entrance they charged us RM60 per entrance and RM15 for student !! (see how they make money?)..ok reserve the heritage..huhuhu… Anyhow, what we did was, we use our old student card (even some of us already 6 years left the university..miahahahhaa). Ayah did not bring his card, so, I have to pay RM60 for his ticket..aiyo…manyak mahai laa..(leh mkn 2 ekor udang galah tau Ayah!).. Anyway..we enjoy the trip!
{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 17 Posing2 depan rumah2 lama..

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 16Posing lagi..tapi lupa rumah ni kaum ape yg punya..(ishk..gile tak menghargai sejarah betul)

Oh, at sudden, these pretty girls pass by, and Ayah sempat menggatal kejap – tersengih2 pula.. (tak sedar ke yang anak awak tu melekat kat perut tu..) hehe..just joking. These girls were preparing for their cultural dance.

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 8

Ayah with the pretty girls wearing Iban traditional outfit

The last day in Sarawak, we went across the Santubong River.. to buy some souvenir from Sarawak for our family members in Semenanjung.. our target of course the Kek Lapis Sarawak, and Ikan Terubuk Masin~!!!

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 3
Bersarapan dahulu…(Iman macam sudah berminat pada makanan)

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 15
Ayah and Iman inside the boat.. (seriously, I am so afraid to ride the boat – risaukan Iman)

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 14Encik…saya mau itu terubuk 6 ekor ok!! kasi besar2 ok?? Saya mau beri pada nenek dan tok saya~!! (gaya Iman membeli ikan)

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 13Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah (makan sampai kenyang sebelum beli ok?)

These are the most famous Kek Lapis in Sarawak.. Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah… In Semenanjung, the same cakes that only cost RM10 here will be sold at RM28!!! I spend RM200 for these cakes! hehe… so I get 20 cakes and 2 more for free!! (Do you save more or spend more? erk….. ga ga ga)

Ok, that is it!! Tamatlah kisah Sarawak~!! Time to go home~!

{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 12{focus_keyword} All in Sarawak - Part 2 7 8 2010 4Iman yang buat muka sedih sewaktu hendak pulang…

Terlupa nk ambil gamba kat Statue Kucing..sigh…

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  1. zura says:

    nak tanya, jenama apa baby carrier color pink tu ye?beli di mana? berapa rm?

  2. Mama Iman says:

    Name product to baby bjorn…sgt best guna,,,harga pon best…rm300 ++.hhhuuhuh

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